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    • Session II : 16.10 - 24.11.2017

    French and German

    • Session II: 02.10 - 13.10.2017
    The assessment of the candidates' linguistic skills will be achieved in two distinct phases:
    • Phase I, which consists of taking a placement test and having the SPEAKING skill assessed;
    • Phase II, in which the LISTENING, READING and WRITING skills of the candidates are assessed.
    Only those persons who do not hold a certificate of linguistic competence yet or whose certificate is no longer valid are allowed to sit the exam.

    The teaching staff of the foreign language centre is also involved in extracurricular activities. Thus, there is a board responsible for assessing the speaking skill in accordance with STANAG 6001 requirements, whose members have been trained for this purpose by means of seminars organized at national level. Many of the aforementioned board members also play an active role in developing items for the STANAG examinations.