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    As with 2005, the centre has issued a biannual magazine, GLIMPSES. The authors of the articles vary from one issued number to another, as each generation of students contribute with their own compositions and articles.
    This extra-curricular activity has become very popular amongst the students who are offered the opportunity to demonstrate the competences they acquired throughout the course in a motivating and creative way.


    Class activities often emphasize the need for materials which can help develop the studentsí specific competences.

    All teaching staff have contributed to conceiving a series of textbooks whose purpose is both to facilitate running class activities and to enrich the knowledge acquired by the students throughout the course.

    In this respect, there should be mentioned:
  • Reading Collection for Language Development,
  • A Practical Approach to Developing Writing Skills,
  • Topic-Based Vocabulary Exercises,
  • Mil-to-Mil - A Military Collection of Authentic Text-Based Exercises.