The Foreign Language Centre
of the Land Forces Headquarters
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The Foreign Language Centre of the Land Forces Headquarters is the main institution under the command of the latter which organizes and carries out educational activities meant to develop and enhance linguistic skills in English, French and German, as well as to evaluate the proficiency level in English and French according to STANAG 6001 requirements.
Between 1996 and 2001, the staff of the foreign language centre carried out their activity on the premises of "Nicolae Balcescu" Land Forces Academy. Starting with June 2001, the centre moved to Dumbravii Road, onto the premises of "General Eremia Grigorescu" Anti-Aircraft Artillery Training Centre.
As with 1997, following the partnership established between the Romanian Ministry of Defence and its American counterpart, the Romanian Army implemented the Foreign Language Study Programme, from which the Foreign Language Centre has benefited in a number of ways.

Thus, the Romanian-American partnership has resulted in:
  • the donation of highly efficient laboratories, worth $ 70,000 and meant to be used for the development of linguistic skills;
  • the library's being endowed with textbooks, dictionaries, audio-video materials;
  • the English teachers' professional training through their participation in various training forms organized at Lackland -Texas, the United States of America - one of the best-known international institutions for the training and professional development of the teaching staff;
  • a series of workshops during which the teaching staff of the foreign language centre have had the opportunity to meet American instructors who have become involved in organizing the [currently running] intensive foreign language courses. Between 2001 and 2004, the American instructors Mark Berry and Robert Ruedemann have carried out their activity under the direct guidance of Mr. Frank De Grasse, the supporting American coordinator of the English study programme;
Furthermore, considering the nature of the activities carried out at the language centre and that the latter also runs intensive French courses, and following the intervention of the French military attaches in Romania, lieutenant-colonel Fontaine and lieutenant-colonel Segura, the centre was equipped with two multimedia laboratories worth 16,000 Euros and its library was enriched with French textbooks and dictionaries.
The Romanian-American and Romanian-French partnerships as well as the donations made by the German counterpart have offered the foreign language centre the opportunity to modernize its equipment and develop to meet international standards.