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German Language Course Graduating Ceremony
- Intermediate Level -

An intermediate German language course on all four skills was held at the FLC Sibiu
between February 6th and March 31st. This course was focused on both the receptive and the productive skills. Thus, at the end of the course, the students are now able to apply a wide range of listening and reading techniques in order to understand written and oral messages like monologues and dialogues on general or professional topics; the students have also developed their ability to produce written and oral messages in different communication settings, to take part in interactions or to achieve the transfer and mediation of messages.

Course coordinators:
Teacher Iuliana Jammer
Teacher Simona Muntean

  • (Thomas) - Doru Cobzaru-Seimeanu
  • (Theo) - Ion-Teofil Cretu
  • (Niko) - Nicolae Fratila
  • (Eddy) - Adrian Maxim
  • (Oana)-Oana-Antonia Ilie