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Methods of Reviewing Vocabulary and Grammar Structures

On February 7 we organized a more special revision activity in form of a treasure hunt with the students of our two English familiarization course groups. The objective was for them to recycle and apply the knowledge and communicative skills acquired so far, especially in preparation for the mid-course tests. To this purpose, the students were distributed in pairs, and directed along a trail that took them through all 4 levels of our academic building, featuring several activity posts emplaced along, where students were required to accomplish different tasks.

The objectives of these tasks were designed to cover the following areas:
  • descriptions of people, in dialogs or monologs
  • dictations, with focus on spelling and pronunciation
  • total physical response, with performance of action verbs
  • identification of directions on a map
  • reading comprehension
  • dialogs about events and suggestion of participation
The students performed all required tasks, being monitored and assisted at the posts by teachers. They had the opportunity to refresh their vocabulary and to use the structures they had learned in class, in order to solve real life communicative tasks. It was one more occasion to acknowledge the importance of knowing and remembering vocabulary, and of using structures, pronunciation and intonation in a correct and intelligible way.
All involved enjoyed the activity, with its dimensions of both learning and fun, appreciating it as successful and motivating.